Cancer Resource Centre Campaign

If more than one close family member is affected by the same type of cancer, or cancers that are related, e.g. cancer of the ovary and breast cancer. it could be due to inherited genes, also known as a family history of cancer. This does not mean that every member of the family will be affected. Even if a family history exists there may be treatments, and other helps that can significantly reduce the

chances of developing cancer. Any concerns should be discussed with a qualified health professional. (GP or nurse at local health centre, or call a recognised telephone helpline, answered by qualified staff.). For further information search links from home page. Type family history in the search box of recommended websites to find related information.

Family history/cancer clinics may offer significantly affected families an opportunity to identify the gene, and check which family members could be at risk. However the process can be lengthy, and the gene may not be found, as the search is like looking for a needle in a hay stack. Clinics that have access to the latest equipment tend to provide a faster service, and the waiting time for results has improved considerably. A blood sample from a living family member with a cancer diagnosis is required for the gene search. It is also helpful for interested family members to discuss the implications with a genetic counsellor, or a health professional with similar qualifications, if this service is available. If not contact the Cancer Counselling Trust.

Click on the following link for details Family members should be given the option of personal choice, and their choice respected.

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